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Santa Christmas Card

Santa Christmas Card


 This is my Christmas card for 2017. It will come as a kit and I will be putting a video up on my facebook page at Laser Lady Scrapbooking and More to be able to see how the most easiest way to put this card together. This card after it has been given to your favorite families or friends will make a great decoration for years to come. The Santa slips into a pocket on the back of the chimney which also can double for a spot to place a gift card or two! Perfect card to give this Christmas!!




All cardstock (except pocket of card and back of santa) has a textured front and a smooth back. Make sure all textured sides are facing up. 


Put the card together by laying out all pieces out and put together like a puzzle. This way you know exactly which pieces go where before adhering the pieces.


When using liquid glue, less is more. You do not have to put glue all over every part of the surface. Please put glue on corners and strategic places. If you use too much glue or glue gets on areas that it is not supposed to be let dry and use adhesive rubber eraser to remove.


If you ever have any questions please email or call me for help. Happy creating and Merry Christmas!

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