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Create your OWN CUSTOM Book
Order your customized word books. Double check spelling of words to make sure they are spelled correctly. If word is spelled wrong on order form and order is shipped with the incorrect spelling, you will be responsible to purchase a new book with the correct spelling. If I process your order with the mispelling by my fault I will correct it and send a new one free of charge. I keep all orders forms for my records in case there is any discrepencies.


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Create your OWN Chipboard Word Book

Create your own custom word book. Choose any name or word you would like to have created into a chipboard book. Each book will come with a blank back page to help support the last letter of the book from getting bent or dinged up. Books with less amounts of letters will have thicker chunkier letters while books with many letters will start to become tall and thinner. Books are best to be 10 letters or less. If you are looking at something that has more than 10 letters consider breaking the word up into chunks. For example you can look at the book MY GRAND KIDS and you will see that the word MY has the M on one page and the Y on the second page and the word GRAND is typed vertically along page 3 while KIDS has each letter on a seperate page. So consider more than one word books to have a vertical word.

Approximate Shipping Time:
1 week

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